Tuesday 14 January 2014

Museums At Night 2014

Bellarmine Jar
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Win Grayson Perry for Soho!

Yes, we are very proud to have been chosen as finalists in this years Connect 10/ Museums At Night Competition to Win artist Grayson Perry for Soho!

Our event on Thursday 16th May will centre around the museums oldest object a 16th/17th Century Bellarmine Jar, a magical artefact. 

Our event "A Pot To Wishin' "  Will bring together folk art, reinvent the time capsule and possibly break the mould for future generations. Surprises lie in store throughout the day.

The evening section of our programme will be held at Soho's newest members Club The House Of St Barnabas where Grayson will bring some of his own magic to the proceedings. 

Above all it will include the Soho community.
We would like your support in bringing Grayson to Soho.
Thank you. The public vote is open until 5pm Tuesday 28th January. 

Follow us on twitter @TheMuseumOfSoho The twitter hashtag is #MatN2014: if you’re tweeting about this, we’ll do our best to retweet you.

The Museum of Soho, or mosoho as it is known locally, is a community based virtual museum with a small collection housed in the clock room of St Anne’s Tower and a touch screen in Sherwood Street.  Museum volunteers are well known for assisting academics, authors, artists and researchers from all over the world with projects and questions about Soho’s history.

Museums at Night is the annual after-hours festival of arts, culture and heritage and takes place over the weekend of Thursday 15 –Saturday 17 May. 

The Connect 10 competition gives organisations the chance to win a top artist for their Museums at Night event.

MUSEUMS AT NIGHT 2014 EVENT | "A POT TO WISHIN'" | MAY 17 2014. | The House Of St Barnabas. 

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