Monday, 5 March 2012

Windmill's On Your Mind!

The Usual Suspects: 
Former Windmill Girls are asked to form an orderly line. @ The Sanctum Hotel.
 B/W Photograph Wendy Greenbury

What a grand old time we had at The Society Club's Windmill evening at the Sanctum Hotel in February.

The talk was given by Maurice Poole and we were treated to a screening of a documentary on the 
Windmill Theatre, but best of all  these ladies were present. 

More Windmill Theatre events are planned for later in the year.


  1. Can anyone help, around 1963 a young woman dancer was Pushed out of a window above a strip club in Soho sadly she was left brain damaged by this , she had a very young baby back at her flat with a babysitter sadly the baby had to be adopted as the baby's father was already married and well known in the film industry he didn't want to know ,the Mother of the baby was a very beautiful young girl she was originally from Ireland she has been missing since 1965, Can anyone help or remember anything. her Baby now grown up is trying to find her Mother.

  2. It is believed this Woman worked at the Embassy Club and other clubs. she also worked at the Theatre in Blackpool as a Dancer before going to London.


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