Sunday 29 April 2012

OHSO SHORT! A Brief History of the Small Film given by Film Historian Thomas Hamilton.

Sunday May 20th 
"Future Shorts" The Biggest pop -up Film Festival in the World at The Soho Hotel "The most Glamorous Hotel in the World" TATLER.

We had a fabulous evening at the Soho Hotel and would like to thank Culture 24/Museums at Night, Future Shorts and Voss Water for supporting the event.

Thank you to Tom Hamilton for providing us with some fascinating, background as to why the short is still so important and congratulate him on his forthcoming documentary.

FUTURE SHORTS: Great choice of films for the Spring programme!
We hope your evening in Cannes was a great success.
And thank you to "Our Audience" for being here.
We hope you enjoyed your evening and look forward to meeting you again soon.

As part of the Museums at Night An annual UK-wide festival which seeks to encourage visitors into museums, galleries and heritage sites by throwing their doors open after hours and putting on special evening events.

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